Sourire – Cervical interbody fusion system

The PEEK cervical cage “Sourire” by its anatomical form and its tripod oriented pins makes possible a simple positioning and an optimal primary stability.

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Le U – The System for Dynamic Stabilization

The titanium implant is implanted after decompressing surgery of lumbar canal stenosis and also when the facet joints are arthrotic. The implant stabilizes the operated segment and preserves its flexibility. Patients quickly regain both their flexibility as well their stability.

The contentment of the patients after the operations and the simplicity of the surgical procedure are the main reasons for the success of Le U.

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PsTwo™ – Straightforward and safe

The PsTwo™ System consists of a set of Pedicle Screws, Rods, Set Screws and instruments. PsOne™ is specially developed for temporary or permanent correction or stabilization of the vertebral column from the thoracic to the sacrum and with the aim of helping consolidation or bone fusion. In combination with a lumbar cage, PsTwo™ bears the intervertebral loads and facilitates osteosynthesis.

PsTwo™ offers the surgeon a straightforward and safe technique. The set offers Mono Screws, Poly Screws and Reduction Screws.

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CageOne™ – straightforward and secure technology

Our CageOne ™ technology offers easy and safe technique for optimal lumbar and / or lumbosacral fusion method.
Close cooperation with experienced surgeons ensured in the development of the product a high degree of efficiency and quality of the implant.
The Cage of brand CageOne ™ are made of titanium alloys in implant quality (TiAl6V4 ELI).

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