Synchro- Lumbar TLIF System

The lumbar TLIF cage “Synchro“ is made of an anterior and a posterior element. Both are linked with a joint. The mobility of both elements secures an optimized implant insertion. The anterior element is inserted into the disc space through the foramina and is properly oriented with the help of the posterior element. In its optimized positioning, the angle between both elements can vary from 45 to 90 degrees.


Indications for Synchro

SYNCHRO is a new type of cage for lumbar fusion with a TLIF access:

  • degenerative lumbar disc disease
  • degenerative instabilities andspinal stenosis
  • spondilolisthesis & retrolisthesis
  • disc herniation with recidive

What does Synchro allow

opens intra-operatively

fills ideally the disc space

secures a stable fusion

secures the lordosis stability

allows a reliable contact in the anterior area of the inter-vertebral space

opens the opposite site

Synchro product information


Product broschuere Synchro (PDF)